Katharina Busl 

In my multimedia work, I am moving within the in-between space where virtual and material reality meet and intertwine.

I draw inspiration for my research from our increasingly interconnected and digitized world, my personal experiences with technology dating back to childhood, and our historical past. 

My upbringing in a region heavily influenced by catholicism, combined with my father's strong interests in philosophy, myths, and cultures from all around the world rubbing off on me, have opened me up to see the parallels between the virtual and the spiritual - manifesting the digital as a place with omnipresent, all-knowing, and divine qualities within my artworks. Living in the information age, where digitality is more and more becoming an extension of ourselves and a crucial part of life and the arts, questions start to arise:

“What is the essence of the digital? How can we learn from the digital and relate it to our perception of reality? What does the technological future hold for us? Will we be able to reach a Utopia through advanced technological processes?…”

Through my use of various media like painting, sculpture, and the digital, held in uncanny shapes, textures, and synthetic colors, and brought together in an installation, I want to generate an otherworldly, hybrid experience.

By retranslating and reimagining virtual spaces into the physical, the blend of these two realities becomes a more tangible experience - not just experienced in the finished work but also during the making process. The directness of this approach activates and enhances my senses, amplifying my perception and connection to the object and its context. The raised awareness through (re)translation makes the experience of creating digitally inspired objects more immersive and adds a new layer to it.

By confronting the audience with this unusual and immersive environment, I am transporting the viewer to a realm of transcendence where constant transformations occur, inviting everyone to speculate and redefine reality, ourselves, and a possible future, thinking beyond worldly boundaries.